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Letter from the Publisher: When the power goes, things change

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These past few weeks created a whirlwind of emotions for many of us in Southwest Florida. While some were lucky to dodge the path of Hurricane Irma, others were not so fortunate. For myself, it brought back many memories of Hurricane Charley in 2004.                

Some of us just faced fallen tree branches or uprooted trees, while several also faced hours or days without power.

Being a young Millennial, I fall into the trap of instant gratification and being glued to my phone. Most of my business communication is done via my iPhone, which is my way of keeping in touch with clients, family and friends.

When the power goes out, things change.

While my phone was dead, I found myself enjoying actual real-life conversations with people, playing games and enjoying nature. I did not realize the beauty of the things I simply was missing out on.

Life without power made me realize how many things I, and many others, take for granted. It made me realize how much time I spend on my phone instead of paying attention to the details around me.

It’s crazy how sometimes it takes a natural disaster to bring people closer together. No one holds grudges anymore, and religion does not matter, nor race or ethnicity. The things that can often pull people apart are irrelevant.

Instead, people were coming together to assist one another before, during and after the storm.

I am thankful and blessed to know that I have witnessed our community help in so many ways. I’ve seen individuals and businesses feeding linemen and families, and donating relief supplies to areas that were severely impacted.

One thing Hurricane Irma did was teach a lesson that we are all part of the human race, and we should stop taking things for granted, no matter what we look like, what our preferences may be or how different we are. In times of need, we stand with our neighbors.

I wish you and your family the best during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (941) 200-1549 ext. 101.

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